Is Copywriting Replacing SEO?

No, but quality content is a major factor in what Google wants from a website. Gone are the days where you could stuff as many high volume keywords into a page as possible – no matter if it then didn’t completely make sense – and in its place has come an age where Google wants you to prove that you are a reputable source.

They want to see that you have put thought into the site and that you offer something to a visitor. If you don’t, then maybe someone else deserves your spot higher up the search engine results page.

So the more quality content you can provide, the better…

Now this is not to say that Google no longer values links, but they have to be of the right quality and link from a reputable source.

Another thing that is no longer in the SEO’s arsenal is sending 100′s and 1000′s of links at a site to make it look more popular than it is. Gaining links is much harder. This is where quality content comes into play once more. People like to link to good webpages, if you create one of those pages you can get other people to link to you.

Also, people like to share good webpages on social sites.

With Google +1, Twitter mentions and Facebook Likes and Shares, Google wants your website to have a good network of followers who want to re-share your content across the web, showing your authority within your chosen industry.

Is SEO still needed?

Of course! But your SEO strategy needs to be combined with quality content and a strong network of followers to ensure your rankings are maintained.

For instance, would you share a page where the content doesn’t read easily and doesn’t provide you with valuable information? No you wouldn’t. You’d pass it by and look for something better.

What about traditional SEO strategies?

Key phrases, page titles, descriptions, navigation, and keywords – essentially everything you’d normally expect to receive from an SEO provider is all still important.

These ‘on-site’ SEO strategies are here to stay. The page title and description are used by the search engine to find out what the page is about so it knows what search term the page is relevant to.