Search Engine Optimisation

So you have your glossy website, the next step is getting targeted visitors to see it. Our team can get you noticed in all of the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) can work hand-in-hand with your Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy and is centred around obtaining highly relevant traffic from search engines like Google.

Unlike PPC traffic you do not need to pay for each lead and once you have achieved good rankings you can enjoy the benefits of targeted traffic flowing to your site every day, for free!

SEO results are achieved through a complex combination of content generation, link building and social interaction, it’s a delicate balance and that’s why Kute uses a team with experience.

SEO is conducted in two ways, off site optimisation and on site optimisation.

The onsite optimisation encompasses everything that your site can do to increase its search engine ranks. This can include URL formatting, clean code, accessibility and navigation. Without sufficient on site optimisation your site will never do well in the organic results because it will not fulfil Google’s (or any other search engine’s) goals of usability for internet users.

Off site optimisation is based around gaining links and exposure to your site. It has to work in tandem with on site optimisation but often takes up the greater portion of time. The main focus is forging partnerships with similar websites and internet communities and syndicating content around the net that will bring visitors and credit back to your site.

SEO also works in tandem with other marketing and press releases, product launches and company news are all things that work alongside your SEO strategy to help you rank higher.

Confused? Let our SEO specialists show you how to gain results.


It’s been a pleasure working with the guys at Kute, highly efficient, motivated and a nice company to boot!

Kute have been creative and instrumental for our online success. Easy to work with, consistent, innovative and extremely adaptable.

Kute Digital are one of those companies that once you meet them you just want to get them engaged on your project. Very happy with the results so far.


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