Why Use Articles For Internet Marketing

One of the best marketing techniques you will ever encounter is articles writing, simply because we are nation who are interested in finding out more.

You see, we do not simply look at a product and decide to buy it. No. With every investment we do our research, look around and compare what is available.

And how do we do this? By reading articles!

Free and easily accessible online, articles can provide you valuable information which can be the difference between a sale or a change of heart.

How can I effectively use article marketing?

Now as a business, you want to broaden your visibility and brand awareness, and the easiest way to achieve this is to use article marketing.

Yet before you jump in head first, there is more to article marketing than writing some content and posting it online. You need to bear in mind the following:

• Establish yourself as an authority – proving that you know the industry and the ins and outs of the product you are offering, is vital when establishing yourself as an authority.

Consumers want to feel safe and confident in their purchasing decisions, so by providing them with relevant, informative articles about your product/services, you can essentially pre-sell them your product.

NOTE: do not give away too much information in your article. Your goal is to drive them to your website, so that they can find out more. Similarly your article needs to have a purpose. It cannot randomly link back to your product.

• Post your article – you should aim to offer both onsite articles and offsite articles. This will give consumers numerous opportunities to find out more about your product.

With your offsite articles, just be careful to not come across too selly. Your article might be the first time they have looked into the subject, so offer them a supply of information before tempting them to come visit your website.

• Post wisely – to attain optimum exposure you need to post your article in the right places in order to attract the right audience. Posting an article on tax returns on a food forum for instance would be a waste of time as it is unlikely that anyone on this forum will be thinking about this.

There is no denying that with the right approach, article marketing can do a lot to promote your business; however article writing is not for everyone.

You may find that you simply don’t enjoy it or struggle to get the content to flow. If this is the case don’t worry…

Just because you don’t personally want to write these articles doesn’t mean you have to exclude them as a marketing strategy. Instead you can choose to:

• Hire a ‘ghost’ writer – a lot of businesses hire copywriters to produce copy on their behalf which they claim as their own.

• Use Private Label Rights articles – these are articles which have been written by copywriters but are being used by other people besides yourself. Now the main problem you will encounter with this option is the fact that your content won’t be unique. So if you wanted to submit them to an article directory you would first have to change/rewrite them to make them unique. Begging the question: why not write them from scratch yourself?

We personally recommend hiring a copywriter to manage your content for you as they can ensure that it remains unique and evokes interest from consumers.

However if you are interested in offering your website more than article marketing, but SEO, PPC and email marketing as well, then the support of a digital design agency can help.

Specialised in all forms of online marketing, they can manage the design, copy and advertising of your website and enable you to focus purely on your business. So if you are interested in removing the stress of marketing, why not hire a design agency?